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Summer’s almost over, and I’ve been longing to get back to blogging for awhile – sometimes you just need a break (or in my case a 4 month hiatus), ya know? Anyway, to whoever is still out there subscribed or reading, THANKS! And I’m happy to be back.

I’m not really sure why I’ve been gone so long, I’ve kept up with my blog reader – but just not been writing lately. I guess one major thing that  has been making me hesitant to blog is that my camera (and purse!) was left somewhere a few months back and I still haven’t replaced it. I guess I didn’t want to come back to blogging sans pictures and I’m trying to decide if I should go with a DSLR or a higher end P&S. I love DSLRs but they do cost a pretty penny and are rather large to tote around. Hmmm… I’ve got an older P&S that’ll do the trick for now – I just need to go buy a card reader since that was ALSO in said purse that got left somewhere. UGH! Still annoyed about that whole incident. New (expensive) purse from my papa, camera, camera card (which means photos!), card reader, and who knows what else… Now if anything is missing, I automatically assume it was in the purse and is gone forever – dramatic, no?

Jeffrey and I haven’t done anything too major around the house, but some smaller projects that I’ll get around to sharing. We’ve also hosted some parties over the past few months and I’ll share some recipes and decor from those. No big vacations to spill about – we’d thought about an Alaskan cruise, then our AC unit had to be replaced so thankfully we were able to plop down cash for that and stay cool this summer – Alaska isn’t going anywhere (hopefully!).  And if it wasn’t obvious from the last statement, we are still attempting the cash budget system so I’ll share about how that’s going now that we’ve been ‘doing it’ for over year. 😉

Speaking of budgeting – despite my love for fast food and eating out – I recently decided it’s high time I get my tush in the kitchen and start learning how to make food that is actually enjoyable, rather than just edible. Some things have been a big fat fail (like a few nights ago when I lost track of time and about had a fire start in my kitchen the meal was burnt so bad!), but others have been delish – last night we had a homemade mac n’ cheese (I’ll post the recipe in a separate post).

Oh, we also redecorated my younger (12) brother’s room and spruced up our in-law’s hallways with a gallery of family photos, so I’ll share those details soon, too! I’ve been up to a lot and not at the same time. Gotta get myself over to Target to pick up that camera cord, apparently I do have lots to share!

What’s been keeping you busy?


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