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Prayer for My Friends

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I’ve added some logos/links to my sidebar, and they are people {and lives} that I am thankful for. I’d love for you to join with me and specifically praying for these people. Their situations are all extremely difficult, but they are not alone in their fight.

Team Chin is in support of one of my best middle school friends, Leanne, who is fighting breast cancer and expecting her first baby (Grover) in the spring. I’m so proud of her strength and faith. I’m excited for her to become a mom. I’m also so lucky to call her ‘friend’. And I’m praying that her cancer fight is swift and effective!

Karis Almy is the first baby of one of my high school friends who has a fatal disease called Krabbe. Katie is an amazing mother with an amazing faith. You can follow Karis’ story via the Almy blog.

Seanstrong is the son of one of my Dad’s good friends. (to access Sean’s story you do have to give your email for CaringBridge, but they don’t spam you or anything) He’s been down the cancer road before and is battling again, but not without the support of an awesome family, and community behind him!

With each of these stories, I become more and more thankful for Jesus, my savior, who provides hope for a future where sin and sadness are left behind – but until then, I’ll be praying for healing and comfort for each of these precious lives!


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