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I’m continuing to word-vomit about living simply and what all it means to me/us… In addition to the weekly meetings my husband and I hold, we also shoot encouraging quotes/scripture back and forth to each other to spur one another on. This morning I received this quote:

Planning is a process of choosing among those many options. If we do not choose to plan, then we choose to have others plan for us.

– Richard I Winwood

Now, I have NO CLUE who Richard I Winwood is {after a quick google search, turns out he is an exec with Franklin Covey}… but he hits it right on the head. If we do not choose to be intentional about planning we, in essence, are choosing to be victim to circumstance.

In some cases being a victim of circumstance may not be a bad thing and spontaneity has moments of greatness. (I’m also a believer in planning times for spontaneity… how ironic?) However, the risks of not planning out our time and/or finances can (and, I believe, will) rob us of peace. Time-wise we may over-commit and let people down. Or we may meet those commitments and let our family down by neglecting to spend quality time together. We may decline an opportunity to serve our friends only to realize in hindsight we could have helped them and still maintained our responsibilities. We also may find our minds spinning at night with the “Did I remember to…” or the endless list of things we haven’t done. Financially speaking, friends may be in need and if we give we are unsettled because we aren’t sure if we gave too much and are going to struggle to meet our own responsibilities. On the flip side, friends may be in need and we choose not to give because we don’t feel confident in our own situation.

There is a freeing confidence and security of knowing where we stand (with time or money). Knowing the path our feet are currently on and where we are headed. Life will happen and sometimes the path will be altered — we can’t always see what is around the corner. It is much easier to make adjustments/’go with the flow’/adapt if there is a foundation (predictable pattern) from which our choices are made.

There are bound to be times where we fail, no matter how hard we try. Times when we seem to just fall on our face. Times when, even though we thought we had it all figured out and our intentions were good, it just goes completely awry. In those times, we can cling to the cross and know that God is ultimately in control, that He is faithful – whether we’ve been making good choices or not.

Couldn’t resist mentioning my sweet 3 year-old niece who has already got a great grasp on the concept of choice. She’s been known to reply to situations (usually consequences) with “Life is choices” 🙂


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