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I really don’t rush when it comes to spending a lot of money. Funny how I can so easily pick up a new shirt, but when it comes to the ‘big’ stuff it takes me years to make a decision. Ever since the big wall came down, our living room just seemed crowded with the tall, deep, oversize couch and chair and a half.  Not awful. Definitely not unlivable. Just crowded.

Furniture hunting is pretty fun (remember way back when this all started here and here?)… until the beautiful piece you had your eye on is hard as a rock or the company stops producing the piece you finally decided to bite the bullet on. We had kind of given up on finding something in the near future. However, on a sleepless night, I was up trolling furniture websites for anything new. I happened to end up on Macy’s website and found they were having a great sale. We went to the store the next day to find this leather sectional was JUST as comfy as it was handsome. He was begging us to take him home – and who can say no to begging? So with a lot of nerves and a confident husband, we purchased the sectional and he arrived 2 weeks later!

I think it looks pretty dang awesome!

In preparation for the new furniture I decided to deep clean the living room. Great idea, poor execution. I even took down and washed my curtains from Target. They say MACHINE WASHABLE on the tag. I bet you can see where this is going. They shrunk almost an entire foot. Nothing you can do but laugh… ya know, because tears may actually cause them to shrink more and I really couldn’t handle that!

They used to touch the floor... now they don't even hit the bottom of the window

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a knack for shrinking stuff… I’ll just go sit on my new, super comfy sofa and sulk. 😉


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I'm a creative girl, decor-ganizer, social media junkie, and believer in simple significance. I have an addiction to starbucks and the Nebraska Huskers. I call 'home' an old ranch with my college sweetheart turned husband and our fur-baby, Toby. Stop by our blog

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  1. Oh no – the curtains story! Too much sadness for me to handle. This is precisely why I don’t wash them. Not that I’m lazy, no siree. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    I LOVE your new sofa. Seriously adore. In our next house, I want to save up for a pretty sectional. I really like the leather – I’m curious about cleaning it and dog hair, becuase I’m a dork. Is it easy to keep clean.

    • I’m still bummed over the curtains! … and haven’t fixed them yet so I’ve got a constant reminder. UGH!

      Maintenance for the sofa is awesome so far! Loving the leather and it has been holding up great with our pup and the occasional meal. Who am I kidding? Since we’re still kid-free, we eat almost exclusively in there. I used to vacuum my sofas pretty often, which was a major pain. To clean the new sectional, I just use a slightly damp cloth/paper towel. Most of what I have to ‘clean’ is dog hair. If anything spills, just wipe it up with towel because the leather repels with its natural oils.

      We have had 1 spot appear that I’ve needed to pull out cleaner for – freaked me out b/c I had NO CLUE what it was (still don’t!) but it created some kind of white haze. It came out with 2 sessions of dawn and water and 1 wipe down with some leather car cleaner we had laying around. No scratches or defects have appeared thus far, even with our pup having free reign.

      So my vote is all for leather! Do it! You’ll love it!

      ~ Kylie


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