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Words Worth Remembering – Encouragement

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Lovely little reminder for this Friday! 

Sometimes I have the worst attitude. Today began that way. I woke up on time, but spent too long perusing my facebook, twitter, and pinterest apps which made me run late. I didn’t like my hair (for the 3rd day in a row!) but i JUST got it cut. My face is all breaking out and I have no clue why. I had to go back in the house twice for random stuff I forgot. I still left my lunch at home. The weather sucks. I decided to go through the drive-thru at starbucks (since I had Toby with me) and the person 2 cars in front of me must have ordered drinks for the entire office. When I got to the window, I realized that I ordered the wrong drink — how does that happen? Then I Called home and found out my Dad is super sick with some flu and sounds like the talking-dead so I’d have to drop Toby off at his house. Should I continue… OMG!

I needed that precious little yellow reminder. Chin up. ALL of these ‘problems’ (first-world as they may be) stem from my choices (to get up late, to complain, to claim victim). Seriously, I need prayer a huge attitude adjustment. Selfishness is ruling in my sinful heart. All morning, I’ve kept longing for a different day — wishing this one away. A day with sunshine, my effortless hair framing my flawless skin, the barista whistling a tune while passing me my perfectly concocted iced mocha, and walking into work with my lunch a full 15 minutes ahead of schedule and everything is perfectly in order. I don’t necessarily believe it is wrong to long for days like those. However, I should not allow my wants to steal away my ability to be thankful and glad for what the Lord has provided me with today. A faithful husband, a pup who brings me joy, a job, money to buy lunch, a safe trip to work, rain/cool weather for my newly planted flowers (peonies!!!), etc.

I am a mess. Always. Good days and bad.

On days like today it is blatantly obvious. And on a ‘perfect’ day, I’d still be a mess because more than likely I’d think that the ease of the day was dependent solely on me and my greatness/togetherness, instead of recognizing and giving thanks to Him.

I don’t have things under control.

I don’t have it together.

However, despite my mess and sin – He is sustaining me, providing me, and continually blessing me with more than I deserve. With that knowledge, I can firmly say and believe… everything’s gonna be ok!


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