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Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of not-so-fun tasks in life. As a result, life currently feels kind of heavy. Things are really busy around here with J in school 3 nights a week, going to my Dad’s a lot and helping with my Gram, keeping up with all my ‘regular’ tasks, and trying to finish some long abandoned projects.

Yards are a lot more fun to work in when it isn’t 100+ degrees out. Running is a lot more fun when the humidity isn’t up in the 80-90s. Scraping crap off your oven with a razor blade is more fun when… Wait, that one may not actually ever be fun! But you see, in all this stuff I am finding myself more and more grateful. Grateful for a husband who selflessly gives of his free time to help do housework or hangout even though his natural introversion would rather have some quiet, solo time. Grateful that I get to love on both my Grandmas regularly. Grateful that my legs can do  running after several surgeries. Grateful I have a house to keep, a closet full of clothes to wash… and technology to help me do it! 😉

Life may not be as laid back as I want (or do we call that lazy?), but from where I sit I’m learning the GOOD that comes out of the HARD is so rewarding.  I’m not so sure I would actually change a thing if I really could. It is EASY to say I would. Especially when I’m sitting at home alone, sweating buckets on a run, or tired as can be. If I just skipped the hard, the load life hands sometimes, I might just miss some of the lessons, the strength, and I might just miss out on being thankful.


PS Check out the chandelier I made for the kitchen:

JKHenry's Kitchen Chandelier

JK Henry’s kitchen chandelier


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