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Welcome to our little blog. This was all started in hopes to help keep our family informed on our whereabouts and whatabouts. To date J hasn’t posted anything, but maybe that’ll change… one day!

Our story – The Quick Version

Even though we lived less than 20 minutes apart in high school, we had to move 3 hours away to Statesboro, GA for college {Georgia Southern, GO EAGLES} just to meet each other. We were quick friends and started dating a year later. Things weren’t always smooth sailing, but our relationship survived through the college years and before you know it hubby popped the question with my pretty ring in his stinky basketball shoe. Somehow {grace of God} I said yes. 6 months {Jan 19 2008} on a snowy Atlanta day we got married.

We are loving the adventures of married life and grown up life. 6 months after our wedding, we got our first baby – a furry one. He’s a Dorgi named Toby. A year later we bought an old ranch house in Dunwoody and have been slowly turning it into our ‘home’.

This blog is cataloging everything us: our trips and traveling adventures, our home renovations and inspiration, DIY creations and crafts, shopping wants, our attempts at living on a budget, my attempts in the kitchen, and whatever else I feel like throwing out there!

I hope you enjoy! And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at: jkhenrys at gmail dot com.


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  1. I love your wedding photos – we need to get together so i can see them all =)


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